EnviroGorge Kids Summer Writing Contest

We love to hear and share what kids have to say about the environment! Since we want to encourage kids to get outside and write about their experiences,  EnviroGorge has created a Kids Summer Writing Contest.

EnviroGorge invites kids (grades 3-12) to write an essay related to the Gorge environment – and win prizes! Prizes include a $100 gift certificate to Hood River Hobbies, a month of lessons at The Undergound Music Station (a $100 value), or a month of lessons at Northwest Taekwondo (in Hood River or The Dalles a $100 value). The deadline is August 30, 2016 and the entry form can be found… Read more

 Bird ID Challenge

Bald eagles Max Peterson_edited-1Photo by Max Peterson

Birds are valuable to us – they eat insects and rodents, they pollinate flowers, disperse seeds, and inspire us. But many bird species are in trouble. According to the State of North America’s Birds 2016 Report just released, a third of all North American bird species need urgent conservation action to avoid extinction. An estimated billion birds have already disappeared from North America since 1970, and the trend continues downward for most species.

EnviroGorge created a fun bird identification quiz for all ages and levels to help you learn about birds that share the Gorge with us. Those who correctly answer the most questions for their skill level will be entered into a random drawing to win prizes (a variety of bird feeders and books). The bird identification quiz will run for 6 weeks from May 19 – June 30, 2016 and 6 winners will be picked. Children are encouraged to participate with permission from their parent or guardian.

Prizes for this quiz were donated by Hood River Hobbies, a locally owned hobby shop in the Gorge .... Read more and take the quiz!

Hummingbird Whispering

resized largeAnna's HummingbirdPhoto by Max Peterson

Sometimes we seek inspiration; other times it hits us on the nose and falls in our lap. That is what happened to my family a few summers ago in our Hood River, Oregon backyard.

My son was lounging in the yard, swaying on the porch swing when something small dropped onto his nose, then onto his lap. He stopped swinging and called me over and we squinted in the sun to see what had fallen. I saw that it was a male Anna’s Hummingbird. He collided with the grape arbor above the swing. The bird lay motionless, but breathing

…By January, a male Anna’s Hummingbird in the back yard started to perch on the feeder to drink before I even could hang it up. The kids speculated that this was the same bird that we “saved,” so he trusted us. We named this bird, “Icy.” In the morning, we took turns holding the feeder for the little bird —“hummingbird whispering,” we joked. … Read more

Gorge Meatless Mondays

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Chinese cabbage stir fry at the Farmer's Market Meatless Monday is a global movement with a simple message: once a week, cut the meat. Now, with increasing concern about the contribution [...]

City Workers Respond Quickly to Sewage Spill

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City workers spread lime over the spill area April 28, 2016. Hood River. Over the past year, unsavory smells have been plaguing Tim Snyder, manager of Underground Music Station, located in [...]

Tree of Questions – Videos with Answers!

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The Envirogorge team created a “Tree of Questions” for the Gorge Earth Day Celebration on April 20, 2016 in Hood River, Oregon. We asked adults and children at the event to write on leaves and [...]

The Great Balloon Harvest Contest

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Now that Envirogorge's Native Plant Challenge is complete, the Envirogorge staff is busily working on a new bird quiz coming later this spring. Those who love a challenge and want to embark on [...]

Native plant challenge winners

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Envirogorge’s challenge, Can You Name These Natives, is over—just in time for wildflower season in the Gorge. 140 people took the challenge! Each week we randomly selected a winner from those who entered. [...]

Nestlé – “To Be or Not To Be” in Cascade Locks

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Nestlé, the multi-billion dollar Swiss-based transnational company, is without a Northwest water bottling plant. It currently ships bottled water from California to west coast markets. In 2008, Cascade Locks came to Nestlé’s attention [...]