Skiing in the Mountains

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Mountains have long served as one of the few remaining refuges within our anthropomorphic world for those seeking wild surroundings. Infertile soil has kept mountains safe from agricultural development. Large development along and in close proximity to mountain ranges is costly and in many ways impractical. In some ways, mountains, much like deep ocean waters and deserts, serve as the natural world’s defense against human development.

Unfortunately, the vast natural resources that lie beneath mountain ranges, as well as the forest at the land’s surface have led to the devastation of much of this area.

Some relatively wild areas in the United States remain. And much of these areas consist largely of mountain ranges such as Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park where the Rocky Mountains run. Learn more.

 CHALLENGE: Can you name these natives?

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Dreams in the Night

Square blog_DSC0025The drive towards the mountain is a little eerie. In the dark, the landscape I’m familiar with becomes a single mass with varying shades of deepening black. We swish past distant lights from houses set back from the road. Their glow provides fleeting details of their surroundings.

Our speed carries us into the trees and I lose the ability to judge distance off of landmarks. Two green spots catch in the headlights and I strain to make out the being, a Roosevelt elk. Its head turned sharply in alarm, but we are gone before fear elicits further reaction.

The hastily piled snow signals our destination so my boyfriend slows the car and finds a safe place to park. In the dash’s glow I see his features easily, a smile moves from his mouth to his eyes. His excitement radiates to me.  Read more.

ONDA looking for Malheur volunteers

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