Managing Over-Capacity on Gorge Trails

_DSC0049_edited-1Jurgen Hess

By Sunnie Brown

It’s far from a secret: The Columbia River Gorge has it all. Waterfalls, wildflowers, wilderness, and a perfect Saturday afternoon adventure for anyone…

So, what’s the problem?

The problem is the Gorge trailheads are already bursting from overcapacity, and the problem isn’t diminishing anytime soon….Read More

Off-Site Camping – a Widening Problem

campinguntitled-0843_edited-1Jurgen Hess

By Lynne Davidson

‘No Camping, No Fires’ signs bracket a clearing along Eagle Creek Trail. Yet, on a recent trek, Jonathan Erickson counted eight unauthorized campsites and five illegal fire rings in 70-foot area a mere 30 feet off the trail.

The growing population of the Columbia River Gorge and more importantly the adjacent Portland-Vancouver metro area brings more and more hikers to popular trials like Eagle Creek, hikers who want that wilderness experience. Many stay to camp: some in designated campsites, but others find a place off trail.

What impact does the increasing number of off-trail campsites in the Gorge have on the forest ecosystem?…Read More

Two Summer Contests

EnviroGorge Kids Summer Writing Contest: We want to encourage kids to get outside and write about their experiences,  EnviroGorge has created a Kids Summer Writing Contest…. Read more

Bird ID Challenge: EnviroGorge created a fun bird identification quiz for all ages and levels to help you learn about birds that share the Gorge with us. Take the quiz before July 1, 2016! …Read more

Bald eagles Max Peterson_edited-1Photo by Max Peterson


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