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Presenting Development

We’ve taken the task of focusing on development for the next three months. What development in the gorge has looked like in the past, and ideas for a less impactful future. Bring your imagination along. Bring your ideas. What you want to learn more about or want us to share with our audience? Send us your questions. Send us your ideas. Let us know!
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The Wind Bloweth Where It Listeth

Wind power promised a greener future than coal. It tapped a natural phenomenon so eternal and ubiquitous that, like the boreal forest or the sun, it appeared inexhaustible. The resource was free and could not be privately owned. Wind power burgeoned globally to about 370 gigawatts in 2015 and the vast majority of Oregon’s wind projects are in or near the Gorge. But is it as shiny as it looked?
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#UseAReusable Challenge

We love all the amazing shots of coffee mugs we’ve been receiving! Don’t miss your chance to enter our #UseAReusable Challenge. Just send us a photo of you and your reusable mug by text at 321-236-8476 or tag us on Instagram or Facebook. 

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Presenting Development

Development. It’s where we live, what we use daily, how we attempt to impose control over the uncontrollable, and visible in the change we’ve seen in the region. […]

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Conserving the Dream

How long can Pacific Northwest energy production stay ahead of consumption?

What if two million more people lived here? […]

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The Wind Bloweth Where It Listeth

Sometimes it feels like acceptance and dispersal of renewable energy technologies has taken a lifetime. Because it has. In the hippie-flavored 1970s, thousands of people tinkered with hundreds of potential technologies like this umbrella-powered truck. From the confusion emerged a very few that could be scaled up enough to make a dent in the fossil fuel juggernaut […]

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Clearing the Air: The Power of Methane

Everything about Threemile Canyon Farms is supersize. It covers 40,000 acres near Boardman, Oregon; raises 25,000 dairy cows which produce 130,000 gallons of milk—every day; grows 230,000 tons of potatoes a year; and 8,000 acres of organically certified vegetables. It may be the only gated farm in the Northwest and one that has a security guard station at every gate. […]

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The Wild West of Waste Vegetable Oil

Our car is jerked by the wind as we drive highway I-84 toward Goldendale, Washington. Awaiting us there is Dave Johnson, who’s created a custom waste-oil-fuel-tank for my husband’s Mercedes 190 Diesel sedan. While we talk of which local restaurants may have spare waste oil for the new tank, I watch The Dalles Dam to our left. Water gushes through the gates churning out power. […]

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Use a Reusable

Ditch the paper cup with Envirogorge’s Re-Fill Challenge. Stopping at the coffee shop to get your morning fix, think before you grab that disposable cup. We are challenging you to Use A Reusable. You can have your take away without the throw away. For the month of June, instead of using a paper cup and all its accouterments borrow a house mug or bring your own!  […]

Columbia River Restoration Act

“The Columbia River has served the people of the Pacific Northwest for eons as a source of food, energy, and a major highway for commerce,” said Senator Ron Wyden. “Dedicating funds to cleaning up the river is critical to ensuring that it is protected from pollution that harms the people and ecosystem that depend on it. It is past time to provide this support for the Columbia River Basin.” […]

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Nature Space Award: Whitson’s Schoolyard Habitat Program

Whitson Elementary’s Schoolyard Habitat program in partnership with Columbia River Gorge National Fish Hatchery (NFH), and Yakama Nation Fisheries (YNF) received Envirogorge’s Nature Space Award on May 14 2015. […]