EnviroGorge Readers Help Conserve Birds

Why birds?  How are birds doing?  What can we do to help conserve birds?  Many of  our readers
who took the EnviroGorge Bird Identification Quiz told us what they do to conserve birds… Read more

In this video one of our local readers, Cathy Flick, had some enthusiastic young visitors learning about birds at her volunteer-run MAPS bird banding station.… Read more

Hiking Home

Lynne Davidson bio

Essay By Lynne Davidson. My curiosity combined with a love of hiking led me climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, trekking Chile’s Torres del Paine circuit, exploring an ancient Inca trail in Machu Picchu, Peru and hiking Tunnel Falls in the Columbia River Gorge….Read More

EnviroTour for Kids

Waterfront parkBy Miko Ruhlen

Enjoy our first EnviroTour – an environmental education walking tour for kids in the Columbia River Gorge Mewis and bark editedlfeaturing Mewis and Bark. If you visit, head down to Hood River’s Waterfront Park and take this EnviroTour.

You can view this EnviroTour from a mobile phone or ask one of our sponsors for a free printed copy. There are participation prizes (while supplies last).

Enter our monthly prize drawing once you’ve completed the tour: ENTER THE PASSWORD HERE

…Continue on to see the tour…fish lighter facing right

Landfills: Garbage is the New Gold

June 9th, 2016|2 Comments

Five miles up Roosevelt Grade Road high above the Columbia River is one of the biggest gas-to-energy plants in the United States. From methane produced by garbage, the plant generates enough electricity to power 25,000 [...]

Mountain Biking: Post Canyon and Coyote Wall – Catherine Creek

July 12th, 2016|2 Comments

By Susanne Wright. In the 1990s, the sport of mountain biking exploded into popularity. The Gorge, already primed for recreational use, welcomed mountain bikers to its forested terrain and steep drops: a thrill seeker's playground [...]

Nestlé – “To Be or Not To Be” in Cascade Locks

April 7th, 2016|2 Comments

Nestlé, the multi-billion dollar Swiss-based transnational company, is without a Northwest water bottling plant. It currently ships bottled water from California to west coast markets. In 2008, Cascade Locks came to Nestlé’s attention [...]

Oil Train Derailment Déjà Vu

Bird ID Challenge

Hummingbird Whispering

Gorge Meatless Mondays