untitled-0058 smallThe Grid You Thought You Knew

“We’ve had this great gift in the Pacific Northwest of hydro power that is pretty cheap, but it is not guaranteed us forever.” –Kristin Eberhard, a senior researcher at Sightline Institute

Power, it’s the reassuring hum of the refrigerator late at night, the random tumble of laundry in the dryer. And it’s contained in the nebulous concept called “The Grid” on which we rely. But can we rely on the grid for all our power needs? Read More…

First Nature Space Award Winner: Bandel-Ramirez family

The Bandel-Ramirez family of The Dalles won Envirogorge’s first 2015 Nature Space Award. Parents David and Elena and children Maisie and Lolo, won for converting a lawn into an urban garden. It’s shared space. There’s Dano and Truman, two giant (but gentle) dogs;  three chickens, a couple of baby chicks, and a rabbit that would just as soon be left alone.. Read More 

News Bites

  • Envirogorge is excited to once again be offering their Nature Space Awards. These covetable prizes are awarded once a month to someone making a small-scale positive change to the natural areas of the Gorge.
  • April 22nd is the 45th anniversary of Earth DayGorge Owned has tons of activities planned from April 18-26th. Events include clean ups, a kids parade, documentary screening, and a party.
  • Mid-Columbia Fisheries has released the final version of the Lower White Salmon Fish Habitat Conservation Approach document. Read the Approach Document and learn about the conservation plan for the White Salmon River.

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The Grid You Thought You Knew

It’s the reassuring hum of the refrigerator late at night, the random tumble of laundry in the dryer. It pushes the second hand and the turbine. We call it “power” for good reason, because without it we’d be choppingand pumping and flicking the whip at beasts of burden […]

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Exploring Energy – A Focus on the Gorge

Tim and Keeley Jefferies say they live $90,000 from the grid. Meaning it would cost that much to bring power lines the two and a half miles to their ranch above the Deschutes River. They power their house in the prairie with solar panels, being very mindful of how much they use.  […]

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What is Chugging Through the Gorge?


Between 52-72 trains pass through the Gorge every day, all except two carrying freight. These mile-long trains of 90-120 cars transport a range of products from oil, to consumer goods, and rail companies have little say over their cargo. […]

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Imports, Exports, and Huckleberries

In. Out. Movement. That is transportation. Moving the Gorge’s natural resources—lumber, fish, water—affects who gets it and the impacts of the transport. This movement of goods is how we wrap up our Transportation focus. Des Campbell looks at one: huckleberries in the national forests. SEH & EKK […]

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Impervious. Part III. The Rules, The Actions

What Are the Rules?

Rivers and lakes suffer many insults from human activities, but the Clean Water Act sets limits on how much sediment and chemicals they can receive. […]

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Impervious, Part II

The Ten Percent.
Scientists and planners say: if ten percent of the surface area of a watershed is impermeable, its stream channels are destabilized and fish habitat degrades. The number of fish species as well as the abundance of their eggs and larvae declines sharply at this level. […]

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This is Part 1 of Impervious, an Envirogorge series on transportation. Writer Valerie Brown explores what it takes to create ease of movement in the Columbia River Gorge. SEH & EKK

You’re on a home improvement kick. You pour a new concrete driveway, put on a new roof black asphalt shingles, clean your rain gutters making sure the downspouts feed into the stormwater drains […]

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Challenge yourself to win

Only 17 days for a chance to win lunch for two at Blue Elephant Indian food cart! Test your knowledge. What moves through the Gorge? Take the Transportation Quiz.