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2017 Photo Year In Review

Celebrating a year of stories and photos. Keep on reading!  We wish [...]

Invitation for Peace

You Are Needed

Today more than ever, the work of EnviroGorge, LLC is needed to protect this extraordinary region. Your support is needed.

Watch for those eyes

Guided not by time clocks, but by shifts in light, deer typically emerge from cover at dawn and dusk to dine. Breeding season occurs in late fall, making deer unpredictable: they act out of character, and chasing and being chased.

Cows Tipping the Balance

By Susan Hess. Bob Hansen. A fenceline separates the grazed and [...]

Eagle Creek Fire – What Now?

The Forest Service is serious about closing trails, such as this [...]

Just for Fun!

Ring-necked ducks are commonly spotted in flocks in the Columbia River [...]

How long will this site be toxic?

Photo: The former aluminum plant main entrance and water tower in [...]

Pesticides: Like Onions, They Haunt You

By Valerie Brown. Pesticides, like onions, can come back to haunt you. [...]

Only you can prevent invasives

by Susanne Wright. And just like that. After weeks of constant angst and [...]

Salvage Logging – a Terrible Idea

In My Opinion, Jurgen Hess. Eagle Creek Fire The Eagle [...]

Trash Tales: Paikea

Essay by Susan Hess A tree house needs children. This spring Jurgen [...]

Relocated Raptors in the Gorge

Max Peterson spotted a Red-Tailed Hawk April 16 soaring above [...]

Wildfire and Wildlife

As Columbia Gorge wildfires burn and expand to over 30,000 acres just [...]

Gorge fires: Monday 9-11-17 Hood River

Mailboxes on Riordan Hill Rd. “I think it’s kind of [...]

Eagle Creek Fire. 9-8-17

As of Friday morning, Incident Command reported that the fire is 7 [...]

Fire insurance information

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services provided information [...]

Gorge Fires Sept. 6, 2017

Eagle Creek Fire Complex. Wed. Sept. 6, 2017, 12:30 p.m. See info [...]

Eagle Creek Fire Tues. 9-5-2017

  Eagle Creek Fire.  12 noon. 9-5-2017 Tom Berglund, Public Information Officer [...]

Eagle Creek Fire updates

Eagle Creek Fire. Monday, 9-4-2017, 7:00 p.m.   Fire officicals have combined [...]

Eagle Creek Fire within quarter mile of Cascade Locks

Eagle Creek Fire, Monday. September 4, 2017, 1:30 p.m. The fire is [...]

Sign up to tour energy plant and landfill

Join the EnviroGorge Tour: Roosevelt Regional Landfill & Klickitat County Gas-to-Energy Plant [...]

Seed to Market: a Magical Lesson

By DC Ruhlen, Age 13. Selling produce with my brother at [...]