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Skyla Hollowell By Skyla Hollowell, 5th Grader in White Salmon, WA. Winner of the 2016 EnviroGorge Kids Writing Contest. My biggest environmental concern in the Gorge is Hanford, which is a storage place in Richland, Washington that holds nuclear waste and chemicals from World War II. There have been two big leaks on Hanford’s property. This is a major concern for the Gorge, because the chemicals can leak into the ground and get into the Columbia River and contaminate our drinking water. We need to help clean up the mess before it’s too late and it destroys the Columbia River Gorge. The Leak! [...]

Plastic Bag Ban in Hood River

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By Ariana Muñoz.  8th grader at Wy’east Middle School in Odell, OR. Winner of the EnviroGorge Kids Writing Contest. Throughout the valley, our population of 12,000 residents uses an excessive amount of plastic bags. Plastic is responsible for many of the environmental issues affecting the world. Hood River is contributing to a problem instead of [...]

My Mother, Rachel

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Maurine Najjar By Maurine Najjar, 6th grader in The Dalles, Oregon. Winner of the EnviroGorge Kids Writing Contest. My environmental hero in the Gorge is my mom, Rachel Najjar. She has worked hard to help the people in our town. She saw that people were sick and dying in The Dalles, and she wanted to know why. Ever since I came to live with my family here, I noticed there was a terrible [...]


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Chris Creasy at Family Man By Susan Hess. The “Singletrack” Barbeque Bacon Cheeseburger is a half-pound beef patty, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, barbeque sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion—all somehow contained between a hamburger [...]

The Poo-Poo Project

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By D.C. Ruhlen - Youth Submission. Are you eating a meal? Maybe you should read this later. Oh good, you’re still here. This is an essay about a man-made disaster involving vault toilets, [...]

The Newest National Park: Hanford’s Reactor B

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By Azor Cole. The National Park Service is enjoying its Centennial celebration this August, and the Pacific Northwest is in full rejoice. The Olympics, North Cascades, Mt. Rainier, Crater Lake and, most recently, the Manhattan [...]